Anything to wake you up.
NRMA - Take more breaks.

The problem: Hundreds of people die on Australian roads every year due to driver fatigue.

The aim: To encourage people to take more breaks on long drives.

The idea: To jolt people awake on long drives with unexpected road signs, billboards, stunts and activations.

The campaign included over 100 billboard executions and large-scale activations across New South Wales.

The result: Up to a 400% increase in rest stops and featured news stories on major TV stations nationally. 

Road side activations:
Ping Pong with Pat Cash.

Tennis legend Pat Cash surprised drivers passing through regional NSW with added incentive to pull over at rest stops.


The activation saw the Wimbledon champion take on hundreds of drivers in a game of table tennis.


The ping-pong table was set centre stage with a grandstand for spectators.

Stretch your pelvis with Elvis.

At another roadside stop, dozens of Elvis impersonators handed out free fruit and encouraged tired drivers to stretch their legs, and hips, and do the windmill.

Roos loose.

Giant kangaroos jolted tired drivers awake across the countryside on Easter Sunday - ushering them in to take a break - bribing drivers (and their kids) with free chocolate. 

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